About Us

Welcome To BizNcode Digital Agency

A business and code digital agency based in Melbourne, Australia.  

We make it easy for businesses to take advantage of the digital scene, starting with a custom websites, automating with bespoke software and promoting their product around the world.

Who Are We

We are a happy team of entrepreneurs, developers, marketers and designer who love their job and want to take good care of you!

Our Mission

Our Mission Is Simple

Advance Your Business!

What We Do

We help businesses look professional, grow with automation and spread their message around the world.

Our Team

Ric Sinclair

Partner & Business Developer

Ric loves nothing more than having a good old chat over coffee. Spending the last 10 years building businesses, he knows all too well the highs and lows entrepreneurs go through on a daily basis. Catch up with him over a coffee and take away sound knowledge about having your business at the forefront of technology

Superpower:  Caring & Honest Relationships

Gabi Rohrig

Partner & Client Liaison

Gabi brings a happy atmosphere to the office, she is a bubbly personality whom loves to smile and laugh. With more than 7 years customer service, she knows how difficult running a business can be. If you’re having a bad day, give Gabi a call, she will surely make you smile again, as she does for us.

Superpower: Making Others Smile 😸

Ritesh Ranjan

Chief Technical Officer

Ritesh is a cool character whom brings the logic to software, with more than 8 years as a software developer, he lives and breaths software, bringing a unique attribute to visualise software before it’s been developed, saving time and costs on errors.

Superpower: Software X-Ray Vision 

Scott Jamieson

Lead Marketer

Scott is a pure numbers man, with more than 6 years PPC marketing experience he loves the marketing challenge of chasing the ideal client and hitting the targets

Superpower: Understanding The Client

Jessi Daniels

Lead Designer

Jessi is a fun charismatic woman whom breaths fire into all her projects, everything about her is artistically flared, there is nothing straight or boring.

Superpower: Life Is Pretty Straight Without Jessi

Why choose us?

If it’s not what the you approved in the plan, simply return the product for a full refund.

We are here to help you and not rip your off, we supply quality at good prices.

We’re are not going anywhere, we’re here when you need us!

We use the most advanced techniques to deliver results that benefit you and your business.

All our staff are very experienced to handle your project and deliver results to benefit you.

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